Tasman Munro is behind the t-shirt which captures our lives below the flight path (available here). Starting as a postcard, it was “an obvious icon” and a well-timed jab at “the glitzy branding of Marrickville that developers are currently trying to sell. There’s a few things they’re forgetting to……………….mention.”

Tasman Munro Marrickville Tee

Illustration is just one feather in Tasman’s cap, though. Starting in cabinet-making and moving into product design, he now also puts his skills to use collaborating with communities who are experiencing vulnerability or in difficult social situations.

“I realised that rather than designing consumer products I wanted to use design to fight for social justice. The projects I now work on vary a lot, sometimes it involves designing spaces (like a men’s refuge in a remote community or an education centre in prison), sometimes it involves objects (making a tapestry couch with a local refugee community) and sometimes it’s more focused on the value of the design process (using design to encourage storytelling or teach valuable skills like woodworking).”

Tasman assists in running much-loved Marrickville arts collective Join The Dots. Housed in a old sportswear factory, its mission is to provide affordable and accessible spaces for artists of all kinds to experiment, share and develop their practice.

“In a time and place where planning is driven by dollars it’s important to offer independent spaces for creativity, culture and community. It almost feels political, creating little pockets of resistance that help maintain integrity as the city rapidly grows.”

Munro says it’s the community here that fuels Marrickville’s insatiable creativity.

“It’s been incredible to watch the creative warehouse community grow over the past 15 years. So often in a gig I’ve looked around – our friends on stage, friends behind the sound desk, friends on the lights, friends work on the walls, in an incredible art space our friends have built. And all of it is legitimately world class, but here it’s free, it’s a bunch of good people sharing their ridiculous talent for the sake of creation and a good time. That is super inspiring.”

Stay up to date on Tasman’s work via his websites and Insta:

Written by Helen Henry